The price of roof trusses


The price is calculated for each specific project of construction object separately.


It depends on the peculiarities of the object: type of trusses, considering the calculations of the most optimal bearing characteristics, local climatic conditions, snow loads, chosen roof cover and other properties.


We offer a competitive price because our company applies the vertical integration in its activities, i.e. designing, manufacturing, and installation phases. The vertical integration is cost-efficient and resource-saving!

We design wooden roof trusses applying special computer software “RoofCon”. We cut the elements of the structure using modern manufacturing technology and the equipment CNC machine Hundegger Speed Cut3. It allows us to cut wood with millimetre accuracy. Then wooden trusses are manufactured industrially joining the elements by certified MITEK punch steel galvanized connectors. We use the special high force press to connect the structures. It connects truss elements evenly on both sides to one rigid set.


Examples of wooden roof truss prices


Dual-pitched (gable) roof


Practically any geometric shapes and measurements are available as well as a variety of architectural solutions. Technologies allow the production of even very large roof structures. Truss structure is especially firm compared to the usual wooden roof rafters. Our roof trusses allow you to quickly and easily install a roof ensuring even and straight geometric shape.



 10 12 3   11 60   16 60



9.12 x14.12   L dvislait



11 x 30 dvislaitis  angaras dvislaitis



9 ant 16 dvislai  10 ant 12 dvisl



6 ant 30 dvisl  7 3 ant 9 3 dvislaitis



Santavaros S090 Santavaros S091



 Santavaros S093



Santavaros S097Santavaros S099



Santavaros S100




Mono-pitched (flat) roof


Industrially manufactured roof structures are ready for installation. This way of manufacturing saves time, material and costs 20-40% less compared to traditional manufacturing. For the wooden structures we use dry calibrated certified timber and assemble the elements using MITEK truss connectors.


9.76 x 11.76   angaras vienslaitis



Santavaros S101



Hip roof


Wooden roof structures are delivered to the construction site ready for installation. The transportation of trusses has no special requirements. When building a foundation you save money. Due to the light load of the roof trusses you do not need to build a footing with extra support.


keturslaitis 111 x 16



7.50 x 13.50    9 18 keturslaitis



Santavaros S094




Complex roof structure


The use of trusses makes it much easier to fulfil the design decisions.


Sudetingas stogas    11 17 sudetingas


sudetingas stogas 2017S074 sudetingas



077 sudetingas stogas  2017S086 sudetingas



2017S025 sudeting



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