Wooden roof trusses – modern roofing technology

We offer a competitive price because our company applies the vertical integration in its activities, i.e. designing, manufacturing, and installation phases. The vertical integration is cost-efficient and resource-saving!

Roof trusses are made of class C24 timber. We are very happy and proud of the CE certificate. CE marking indicates that the product meets the essential requirements of EU standards and that it passed a certain examination.

When designing  roof trusses first of all we design them with a special computer software “RoofCon”. Later we cut the elements of the wooden roof structure with modern CNC machine Hundegger Speed Cut3. We assemble the roof structure in the manufacturing plant using Randek press and then transport it to the construction site. Here we finish the installation of the roof trusses on the top of the building. This roofing technology is superior in its quality and cost-effectiveness compared to the usual roof rafters.

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We cut the elements of the structure using modern manufacturing technology and the equipment CNC machine Hundegger Speed Cut3. It allows us to cut wood with millimetre accuracy. 

Short video:  Mediena supjauname su moderniom CNC staklem Hundegger Speed Cut 3  


ATTENTION!!! More here ... We provide the PRE-CUT service for manufacturers and builders of frame houses, roofs, trusses and other wooden structures!




The structures are assembled by workers, therefore all parts are connected precisely and qualitatively. Trusses are made of dry, calibrated timber, so they do not get deformed over time.


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We connect wooden roof structures with special toothed punch steel plates. We use high force press to connect the structures. It evenly combines truss elements on both sides. The roof bearing capacity of this structure is quite high: the roof trusses are able to withstand high loads of snow and wind.


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Modern manufacturing technology allows us to make wooden roof structures extremely fast. We make structures in manufacturing plant and assemble them at the construction site. Therefore, the roof installation period is shortened from a week to a couple of days.

If you prefer we can impregnate the roof structures with special flame retardants.

Roof trusses can be installed either by us or the clients themselves.

We cooperate with construction companies, private individuals, and those who are engaged in house-building offering high-quality wooden roof constructions. By concluding long-term contracts, we apply flexible pricing and discount system.


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